Red Rock Ready For the holidays

Put on your ugly Christmas sweater and whip out your bingo dobber, Crimson at Red Rock Resort is decked out for the holidays. The sultry nightclub added festive splashes of silver and green to its signature red tones. 60,000 lights grace the tunnel of ornaments. Red Rock got run over by a reindeer! Clearly, you don't want to miss this indoor and outdoor holiday pop-up bar. 

Spectacular Photo-worthy View

The overall decor is a sight to behold and the perfect match for Christmas. Want some kick-ass Christmas photos to blow your Instagram fans away? Well, Merry Crimson is the perfect spot. Even better, Santa Claus and Elf on the Shelf are onsite to enhance your selfies.

Artistic Pastry and Cool Provisions

The joint also features a candy-cane swing set if you want some video action. Red Rock's amazing culinary team created a multi-story gingerbread mansion. They used over 50 pounds of gingerbread, 20 pounds of sugar, about 20 pounds of royal icing. The idea was to let the staff at the bakeshop go wild as they could, and it paid off.

The piece was further furnished from top to bottom with hand-painted art on the side.

In addition to this exciting creation, a pop-up bar drizzling with cocktails is in order. Luckily, Merry Crimson is a perfect waterhole; order Drink Up Grinches a limited-time special created with Bombay Sapphire gin, Goose vodka lemon-lime soda, Midori, and lemon. . Grab a spot at the fire pit, or rent a heated cabana if you want to sit outside.

Merry Crimson is open Thursdays to Sundays until Christmas Eve, after which the event will switch to a night schedule until 3rd January.


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